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Paradise CGCA Mission Statement
Managing and distributing funds earned by our members while advocating and supporting their charitable aims and purposes.
Our Beliefs:
Charities contribute to the betterment of our society.
2. Charities are being given a special opportunity to fundraise within the C-gaming concept in partnership with the OLG, CGEG and OCGA.
3. Charities should have equal opportunity of access and the support needed to raise funds for their causes.
4. Charities must abide by the OCGA’s Provincial Policies and Standards and local procedures.
5. Charity roles and responsibilities must be evident at all assignments conducted within the gaming centre.
6. Charities must abide by their contractual obligations with the OLG and meet the requirements as outlined by the City of Windsor.
7. “Charities –Front and Centre” shall be promoted in the extended community.
8. Customer Service activities must be continually evaluated and improved to meet the constantly changing needs of the customer.
9. Charities must always be informed of initiatives and directives. Charities, also have a responsibility to review communications that have been provided.
10. Charity volunteers support their charity endeavours by providing the highest level of service within and outside the gaming environment.
11. Charity volunteers want our clients to game in an enjoyable, welcoming, respectful and helpful environment.
12. We believe that no individual or charity is above the needs of other members.
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